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Klaus Spencker Trio






Klaus Spencker, guitar

Olaf Casimir, bass

Willi Hanne, drums


Don't Know What To Say / You And The Night And The Music / Invisible / Finally / Visa / Alles Quart / Late Afternoon / Wie Leif Erikson Amerika Entdeckte / Farewell / Things Ain't What They Used To Be


#JRCD 9409 /rec. 1993/94 / Time: 62'07"



 "The trio's music is honest and inspiring and I wish them every future success." - PETER O'MARA, Munich, May 1994



 "The music of the Klaus Spencker Trio is extremely natural and organic. The writing and playing are both on a high level, I recommend it."
JOHN ABERCROMBIE , New York, May 1994